6th of February marks an important day in Thailand as the nation celebrate Muaythai Day in honour of King Somdej Phra Sanphet the 8th, better known as Phra Chao Sua, or the Tiger King. The Tiger King is renowned for his skills in martial arts, rising to the throne on February 6th, 1702.

This year, the event will take place over seven days of activities organised jointly by the Royal Thai Government, the World Muaythai Council and the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand, both under Royal Patronage. The event is fully supported by the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur. This will be more than just an event. The Sport Authority of Thailand will be transformed into a Muaythai Festival ground with conferences, forums, exhibition booths and certainly nightly muaythai bouts taking place.

The 3rd of February will see the Opening Conference, opened by the Royal Thai Government, with many renowned world class speakers speaking about Muaythai’s past, present and future towards highest sport recognition. The panel discussion topic on the 4th will be “Globalisation of Muaythai” including panellists from the Royal Thai Government, Universities and the IOC recognised Muaythai federation, IFMA.

The 6th being the actual Muaythai Day will see some 2562 participants each of them representing one year on the Thai lunar calendar. The 7th will see the professional muaythai day sanctioned by the WMC with three separate Super 4 events and 3 World Title Fights.

WMC President General Chetta Thanajaro stated “Muaythai is much more than just a fighting sport. It combines ancient traditions and values. Muaythai day highlights all the different regions and styles back to the ancient days of Old Siam, and the traditional wai kru ceremony bringing together the International muaythai community and the practitioners in the Kingdom showcasing muaythai as one”.

IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan stated “Thailand is rightfully proud that muaythai has reached every corner of the globe, and is recognised by the International Olympic Committee via the IFMA. IFMA and Muaythai prides itself again that the sport and art is practised without discrimination of any kind, and the youth World Championships is proof that the future of muaythai is safe”.