The 2019 selection of the Thai National Team took place at the Rachamangala Stadium in Bangkok with five days of the competition and first-class bouts between some of the world’s top athletes.
Each and every bout teemed with technique and finely honed skill to select which of Thailand’s best will have the honour to represent their country at this year’s World Championships which will be a home game in Bangkok, Thailand.

The President of the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand and IFMA Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that he is “proud to lead one of the strongest teams in the world but at the same time competing at the World Championships becomes even harder with so many countries challenging Thai athletes in each weight division. There are no favourites in the modern Muaythai and each athlete has to give her maximum to win the gold medal.”

The final day became a show of pure Muaythai but most of all, a demonstration of Respect and Honour towards the opponent and the rivalry team. The winners were awarded by IFMA’s highest officials the likes of IFMA Vice President Dato Shahnaz, IFMA Executive Board Member Mr. Kajorn Prowsri, IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan and many more.