Lima,  the host of the 2017 IOC Congress is in muaythai fever as the teams from across the Pan American countries arrive for the Pan American Championship 2016. This event is held under the Peruvian Institute of Sport and will be the official qualifier for the 2017 World Games. Elisa Salinas, the president of the Pan-American Muaythai Confederation stated that large national teams are either on their way or have arrived from Canada, United States, Mexico, Argentina and many more.
Rodgrigo Joquiera stated that Peru is proud to be the host of this event, especially as it is a World Games Qualifier and there will be Carnival atmosphere for the next 5 days.

Everyone is expecting the arrival of Hansel and Gretel who will land in Lima later in the day as the official mascot for the World Games, and as IFMA’s HeForShe ambassadors.