Muaythai athletes from over thirty Asian countries are jetting into the beautiful city-state of Macau today, ready for the 2018 edition of the Asian championships.

The local organising committee have worked hard with various government bodies, there is great support for the event as this is the first time the Asian Championships have come to Macau.

The Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government, the Macao Government Tourism Office and TDM Teledusao de Macau are all supporting the event.

Sport Director of the Federation of Asian Muaythai Amateur Ms. Azadeh Kamyabi has been on site for some days working with the Local Organising Committee. Many of the IFMA headquarters team and Executive Board members are also in place, ready to support in any way they can.

IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan has been working with the registration teams, to ensure all the athletes and officials are checked in and ready for tomorrow’s Opening Ceremony.

The initial weigh-in took place today in the athletes’ hotel – located in the stunning central harbour of Macau. The athletes can workout outdoors along the pathways, as well as in the hotel gymnasium. The venue  – the Macau Forum – is also just a short walk away, and the LOC has assured everyone of a full house to support the local team.

Meet Team Macau online here. 

Watch out for the beautiful competition shirts, decorated with the traditional Lotus symbol of Macau.

All weight categories are being published today and tomorrow – as the teams check in  – on the IFMA scoring platform IFMA Live.  Results will be available daily on this platform.

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