Today we announce the 5th and final athlete that will advance straight to the 2nd round of IFMA’s #MuaythaiConencts2.0 Social and Active Challenge. Phoebe Illot and Coach Michael Tekyi of Team GB score another athlete straight into round 2 of the #MuaythaiConnects competition. Phoebe scored the 5th highest viewership on all of IFMA’s social media platforms and congratulations are certainly in order for her performance.  

Phoebe won gold in last year’s Baltic Open and her and Team GB are eager and hopeful to get back into the ring with the IFMA Family later this year.

Congratulations to all athletes and their participation in the #MuaythaiConnects2.0 Social and Active Challenge. Next week we will announce the Finalists of all categories: Art of 8 Limbs, Wai Kru and Inspirational Social Message for the second round!