Muaythai semi-finals Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games

Today was the start of the medal-bouts for muaythai at the Asian Indoor Martial Games after an exciting three days of preliminary bouts. Also today the Executive Board of the Federation of Amateur Muaythai Asia (FAMA) met to discuss plans for the sport in the coming year.

Day 3 muaythai at Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games!

The women of muaythai were in action today alongside their male counterparts at the Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat. Another action-packed day across two rings for muaythai athletes from Asia and Oceania, with plenty for the home crowd to cheer about.

Day 2 for nak muay at Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games!

Ashgabat has really opened its heart to muaythai as the second day of competition saw huge excitement in and outside of the rings. These athletes represent the best of the best from Asian and Oceania muaythai, sent by their National Olympic Committees to proudly fly the flag for their countries.

Opening Ceremony Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games

Over two hours of spectacular dance, music and sporting action athletes from around Asia and Oceania were welcomed to Ashgabat for the Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games. Due to the high number of muaythai athletes taking part, some bouts already took place before the ceremony. But all the teams were in place to join in […]

Day 1 for muaythai at Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games, Ashgabat 2017

  Muaythai opens at Asian Indoor & Martial Art Games 2017. The beautiful city of Ashgabat in the heart of Central Asia plays the host for 5th AIMAG 2017. Muaythai is one of the most popular sports at the game and because of the nigh number of National Olympic Committees sending teams, Muaythai had to […]

AIMAG Welcome Dinner

A beautiful dinner was hosted by the organising committee of the 2014 AIMAG. It was a great event for cultural exchange with a special fashion show showcasing the national dress of each Asian nation.