Swedish Muaythai Championships

The Swedish muaythai championships took place this weekend and was a great spectacle for muaythai fans all around the country who gathered to see their favourite athletes and the Athletes of the Year 2016, Sofia Olofsson who became a true star on the IWGA website.The Championships gave the names of 26 of Sweden’s best athletes who are now gearing up for Minsk and will use this last chance to increase their presence at the World Games 2017 in Wroclaw.

Sweden is a pioneer on the Scandinavian muaythai scene showing how much this sport can benefit athletes, their country and every young person. Such ambassadors as Sofia Olofsson, Patricia Axling, Simon Ogolla and many others can only be shown as an example of honour and sportsmanship in and outside the ring.

Swedish Muaythai Championships1

The website of the Swedish Muaythai Federation has published the list of the national team honoured to represent their country as an ex-host of the World Championships.

Soon the world will again be able to enjoy the beauty of muaythai executed by Swedish athletes and IFMA can only again salute the scale that muaythai has developed on in Sweden.

Swedish Muaythai Championships7