Sudanese Muaythai is seeing its rising in the last years with full functioning federation established by the IFMA champion Faisal Zakaria who made a great effort to bring the sport to the youth of Sudanese cities. 

Many events were organised in the city of Khartoum with educational seminars, open training sessions, and Muaythai demonstrations gathering crowds in the hosting gyms.
Today Sudanese Muaythai takes another challenge with one of the founders of the federation Ms. Caitalin Abubaker-May planning a run to bring awareness to the Thai boxing or combat sport, Muaythai, in Sudan and raise funds for the Sudan Federation of Muaythai.
Ms. Abubaker-May said that empowerment of women is one of the focuses and that she wants to set fitness and health-related goals for Sudanese women and achieve and show that they too can train Muaythai; and they too can run and build health fitness and sport into their lives and be so much better off for it both physically and mentally.
The activity of the Sudanese Muaythai Federation is an inspiring example for the Muaythai community in each country to see opportunities in each situation.