Last week, Sham Seetaram, President of the Mauritius Muaythai Federation concluded what was reported as “a very positive and long term vision meeting”. Topics on the agenda included recognition of the federation by the Government of Mauritius and NOC, Muaythai’s inclusion at the next Indian Ocean Games to be held in Mauritius in 2019 and this year’s African Continental Championships scheduled for this December in Morocco.

Over the course of the meeting, it was concluded that the Ministry of Sport would grant recognition following the application of the federation, and that the NOC recognition would follow.

It was also discussed that muaythai would be present at the next Indian Ocean Games, making its debut there as a demonstration sport, which is a great first step towards future full inclusion on the official sport programme.

The Ministry has also guaranteed full financial support for the Mauritian team to participate at this year’s African Championships as well as agreeing to support only IFMA sanctioned events via the federation.

Finally, we were happy to learn that the Mauritian Government have agreed to fully support the launch of a Sport Is Your Gang initiative in Mauritius.