All the muaythai athletes, officials and so many others were treated to a special event as part of the European muaythai championships in Prague when they attended the All-Star Gala night as part of the 115 Anniversary celebrations for Harley Davidson.

Czech Muaythai President Petr Ottich stated Prague is proud for many reasons, not only to have given the rights to the European Championships but also at the same time hosting the Harley Davidson world meeting.

The gala which featured an All-Star Thai team taking on European muaythai in a series of blistering bouts. It was televised live to Asian and Czech TV.

The first international fight was Cola Banchamek V Charley Guest from Switzerland, a great performance from both athletes, which unusually ended in a draw.

The second fight was Mannachai Yokkao Senchai Gym V Nauzet Trujillo   – the former WMC world champion taking on the Spanish WMC champion  – a fantastic effort with both showing great skills. It was Mannachai who showed again why he is one of the best, taking the decision with powerful leg-kicks and teeps – and the Spanish athlete earned respect by going toe to toe with one of the world’s best.

The 3rd fight was a crowd-favourite when top-ranked Thai fighter Tongchai took on the former WMC world champion Vladamir Moravcik from Slovakia. This fight had it all – two warriors displaying the entire arsenal of muaythai. They really demonstrated why muaythai is known as one of the most exciting ring-sports in the world – showing endurance and survival of the fittest – makes the ultimate warrior.

It was Slovakia Vladimir taking the points decision to the delight of the Slovak amateur team in the crowd.

The main undercard fight was between two-times  IFMA World Champion , winner of The World Games 2017 and SEA Games champion Superbon Banchamek and Fabian Hundt from Germany.

Superbon showed why he is the outstanding middleweight in the world, closing down Fabian’s counter-attacks with precise and accurate attacks. Superbon would not be the champion he is if after the fight he did not congratulate the German for his skills, and talent  – showing again why he is one of the leading ambassadors of muaythai.

It all came down to the main event – muaythai legend and the household name of muaythai Buakaw also a former IFMA champion – taking on the challenger from the Czech Republic – three grounds of non-stop action. The Czech athlete putting Buakaw under pressure, proving there is so much up-coming talent, but Buakaw again showing why he’s been four times WMC world champion by playing a game of chess and taking a points decision.

WMC Vice-President and IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox stated that this was an amazing event, and said it was important for all the athletes to see where they want to be and that dreams can come true.

IFMA and WMC will continue to work closely together, to ensure a smooth transition from amateur to professional  – building a sustainable career pathway for all our athletes.

EMF finals start at 14:00 tomorrow and can be watched on the IFMA Youtube channel.

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