Time to say goodbye with federations from Israel, Turkey, Portugal, Thailand and Germany

There are no losers in Muaythai we only learn and look forward and come back stronger. This has been the words of IFMA chair of the athlete’s commission Janice Lynn. A beautiful goodbye party was organised for all the athletes, officials and organisers of the 2017 IFMA world championship in Minsk, Belarus.



The chairman of the federation General Karaev stated that Belarus was proud and will be proud forever for getting permission to host the 2017 IFMA world muaythai championships which was more than a sporting event, it was a cultural exchange of muaythai athletes and nations together in friendship and fairplay.

Team Belarus won the overall Best Team IFMA 2017 Trophy! Image Arthur Mazur for IFMA

The IFMA president Doctor Tapsuwan thanked the ministry of youth and sport, the Belarusian muaythai federation and everyone involved in organising this unforgettable event.


IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox thanked especially the athletes for being ambassadors, the officials for ensuring fairplay and safety, and the volunteers for their smiles and hard work. After this it was party time where winners, losers but all friends hit the dance floor.


Lifelong friendships have been made and it was time to say goodbye to Minsk a beautiful town where the people welcomed the world with open arms and it will be Mexico 2018 for the next championship.


Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in the World Games in Poland.