The European Championships 2017 in Paris was a following event where IFMA included refugee athletes as a sign of support for all people currently staying out of their motherlands and finding opportunities to continue their careers in sport. Mahmud Davlatov was one of the athletes who competed for medals but also showing the world that you should always aspire for success and live your dream.

It was a big event for Mahmud who won silver medal which was more than a success. It gave hope to so many other athletes, and people from all walks of life.

IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan said that it’s a true achievement for muaythai to bring a refugee team at IFMA last events. It’s a celebration of tolerance and understanding in the world, and we are proud to use muaythai for bringing youth closer to their dream.

A special press conference was organized at the Bujin Gym Rommerskirchen where the city Mayor Mr. Martin Mertens, and Member of Sports Committee of KSB Neuss Mr. Silab Fayaz were in attendance. They congratulated Mahmud, and thanked the President of the German Muaythai Federation Detlef Tuernau for full support for Mahmud to make sure that he could keep his dream, and continue to strive for the highest achievements in sport.