panamerican-championshipsLima, which will be the host for the 130th IOC Session 2017  in which the host city for the 2024 Olympics will be decide, will also be host the Pan American World Games Qualifier from the 30th November – 4th December 2016.
All Pan-American countries will come together to decide who will represent Pan-America in Wroclaw at the 2017 World Games under patronage of the IOC. Pan-American Muaythai President, Elisa Salinas stated that “the best of the best will come together”, thanking the Peruvian Muaythai Association for hosting this event.
The General Assembly of the Pan-American Confederation will also be held at this time. Rodrigo Jorquera, the General Secretary of the Pan-American Muaythai Confederation stated that this is not just a competitive event, many other activities are planned around it, with exchange programmes among Pan-American schools and social projects.
Peru will welcome Hansel and Gretel the World Games mascots to Lima and with them all the athletes and officials from all Pan-American countries.