Congratulations to all athletes for your participation in the #MuaythaiConnects2.0 Challenge which, once again, went beyond expectations. #MuaythaiConnects2.0 received participation from athletes from all continents showing skills in the Art of 8 Limbs through Shadow Boxing and Padwork, the culture and tradition of muaythai with Wai Kru performances and inspirational messages to foster hope and positive energy to the world.

Over 2000 videos are in judging and this week we will announce 5 top contenders which will automatically advance to the next round for receiving the highest viewership across all social media platforms.

Over 50 IFMA judges are in the process of judging the entries and will announce on May 20th all others who will join these 5 athletes.

We will announce every day, the athletes with top 5 athletes with the highest likes and views.

Let’s applaud our first finalist from Leader Muaythai Club in Estonia, 6 year old, Vasilisa.