Belgian Muaythai has seen its blossom in the recent years with the youth showing great results at the international competitions. At the last Youth World Championships Belgian team became one of the most spoken of teams winning medals at the annual tournament in Turkey.

Muaythai has been named the third practiced martial art in Belgium for the rocketing number of youth and women joining clubs with an impressive statistics of 614 women practicing muaythai in 2016 and 1840 using their elbows and knees in 2018 in Brussels.

Athletes like Gianny De Leu are the inspiration and sports influencers in Belgium promoting the martial arts as culture, education and sport for all.


Patrick Van Acker, the President of the Belgian Muaythai Federation said that work with the youth is the key for the growth of muaythai which shows how much fun and fitness muaythai is. His aim is to attract young people in Belgium and let then discover the beauty of the sport.

The Youth World Championships will be a great event for the Belgian athletes again to demonstrate the values of the sport and make the Belgian flag fly high at the opening ceremony.