Muaythai, which is the national sport of Thailand and an IOC recognized sport under the world governing body, IFMA, took center stage at day 5 at the United Through Sports Youth Festival.

Over 400 youth ambassadors participated in the cultural exchange, conducted by 4 of the leading Thai Masters of IFMA.

NSDF Fund Manager, Supranee Guptasa, opened the event sending her regards from the Sport Authority of Thailand and NSDF, welcoming the youth and showing her pride on this special occasion.

IFMA honorary President, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, was the chairman of the event and UTS President Stephan Fox, welcomed all the Youth Ambassadors to this memorable afternoon.

The youth joined and learned the ritual performance of Muaythai, the Wai Kru, which is based on 5 important pillars: respect, honor, excellence, tradition and fair play.

Each youth received a special certificate and medal so that they could remember every day the importance of cultural understanding and acceptance through sport.