Muaythai in Europe became popular in competition form more than 20 years ago and since that time all EMF member countries do regular muaythai events with the number of participants going up each year.

The Greek Muaythai Friendly meeting just finished with a bang this weekend with over 300 participants competing just several months before the National Championships.

In recent years muaythai went beyond being just a competition sport; and became a sport for people from all walks of life. A special agreement signed with UNESCO and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur gave an additional motivation to each EMF member federation to change people’s lives through sport.Hungary muaythai-kids (16)
One of the most active federations in Europe, Hungary organises regular meetings with kids which have challenges in lives through health, psychological difficulties and physical abilities. The Hungarian Muaythai Federation in cooperation with VitaKids projects organizes open training sessions where all participants have equal access to the sport of muaythai.

Three years ago the first kids started their physical exercises, and are coming back for the following sessions with improved physical and spiritual fitness.

The head coach of the Hungarian Muaythai Federation said that he can see how much muaythai training means for these kids and like the champions in sport who promote their countries in the field of play, these kids are the champions in life who make progress through sport. I am proud I can make these kids happy and put smiles on their faces, this is the best evidence of success of our campaign.