Muaythai is known to be one of the most effective stand up sports in the world.

The close range weapons including the grappling and throws make it not only realistic but also a martial art known to cover three important ranges, long, mid and close. What many are only just realising is the discipline of Muay Boran which is part of Muaythai also makes it more than effective on the ground.

UFC understood this and have taken some of the Muaythai athletes in the circuit probably on the beginning to possibly showcase a better effectiveness of UFC but then realised Muaythai has all 4 ranges covered and this is known around the world.

This weekend there is a massive event in Dallas, Texas where Valentina Shevchenko multiple IFMA and WMC champion has become one of the biggest names on the circuit and this weekend is fighting for the UFC title. Darren Till the headlining act also came from Muaythai competing regularly from an early age. The Muaythai world wishes both athletes the best of luck but obviously, we are rooting for Valentina and Darren.

Antonina, Valentina’s sister and WMC world champion is also becoming a big name on the circuit and the Shevchenko sister act can be seen at many exhibitions around the world.


Joanna Jedrzejczyk from Poland is also a multiple IFMA gold medalist and WMC European champion also enjoying huge popularity, this clearly showcases again that Muaythai can adapt to any fight and is with no doubt a realistic combat sport and martial art.