Muaythai has gained a huge bust in Asia over the last six months, due to the weekly muaythai TV show on ESPN Star Sport, sanctioned by the WMC.
Every week, Millions of muaythai fans follow the show, which is broadcasted on prime time all around Asia. This event has been bringing stadiums from all around the world directly to the your living rooms and the big screens in sport pubs.

54 events are broadcasted per year, which is the best way of showing how big the WMC has become, as every week the audience has been experiencing the world’s best fighters in events from Australia, China, England, France, Sweden, and so on.

Watch out for the ESPN Star Sports’ program guide in your country, as only WMC can put on 54 different TV events per year.

The audience is guaranteed to be treated to the toughest Superstars around. Some of the names seen so far include: Kaokali, Yodsanklai, Saenchai, John Wayne Parr, Nathan Corbett, Dzhabar Askerov, Levin Artem, Simon Marcus, Vuyisile Colossa, Jordan Watson, Liam Harrison; the list is endless.

Come and join the WMC on ESPN Star Sports!