Mongolian Muaythai Federation NOC

Mongolian Olympic Committee celebrated its 60th anniversary last month where it awarded athletes and sports officials which made a notable contribution into development of the image of Mongolia.

Muaythai was one of the participants of the night and the President of the MMF Mr. Ochirbat Altanpurev was in attendance receiving the honorary medal from the MOC President Mr. Zagdsuren.

It’s been an honour and motivation for Mongolian athletes to excel and show their best at the upcoming World Championships in Minsk which kicks off in three months.

Mongolian muaythai is a strong IFMA and FAMA member. They work hard towards Minsk and AIMAG and it’s their vision and dream to have at least one Mongolian athlete at the World Games 2017.
Mongolian Muaythai Federation NOC (1)
IFMA wishes Mongolia good luck and to be the best version of themselves in Minsk!