Sunday the 2nd of June was a big day in the Mauritius muaythai community as over 120 kids travelled to the Moka district hall to participate in iGLA Khan 1 to Khan 3 seminars. The district council supported the event by providing the district hall for 4 days for no charge in true sporting friendship.

Ajarn Chao, one of the highest Grand Masters in Thailand travelled over from the kingdom of Thailand and was welcomed by IFMA Executive Board Member and President of the Mauritus muaythai federation Sham Seeratam and head coach Berty D’eau. The recently appointed Khrus were also on hand to assist in the seminar and oversee the progress of their students.

The seminar began with ten minutes of mediation where students were asked to focus on the people they love and respect, from family members to people who have had a positive impact on their lives.

The energy in the room was incredible as all kids sat in silence posed cross legged in the traditional lotus position.

The Khan 1 seminar was then underway with Ajarn Chao teaching the different techniques of the Wai Khru for example the Garuda pose which is pictured above.

Thep Panom which is the foundation of the Wai Khru was given great emphasis throughout the seminar.

The recently appointed Khrus from the various gyms around the island assisted Ajarn Chao throughout the ceremony.

Nak muays of all ages took part in the seminar with kids as young as 6 years old to adults in their 50’s participating showing that this truly is a Sport for Everybody.

The district hall was packed as many family members of the participants came to proudly watch and cheer on their loved ones.

There was a high turnout of female participation at the event as the female commission have been very active as of late under the guidance of Melanie Nagen (board member) and Hema Ramnarain (treasurer).

The President then welcomed the VIPS onstage to assist in the handing out of the certificates and thank them for all their support.

MR. BUSAWAN… Chairperson if Moka District Council, Mr. Jean-Mée Sandian Former advisor of Ministry of Youth & Sports, Mr. Colin Seenauth, Prident if Moka Village Council, Mr. Ved Golam, Advisor at Moka Village Council and Mr. Enrico Chadien, Company Manager pictured above.

A meeting also took place between the members of Sport is Your Gang and Andrew Scott who gave a detailed presentation on how to use the Muaythai Educational System which combines the five pillars of muaythai Respect, Honour, Traidition, Excellence and Fair Play. His presentation was well received. They discussed the plans to extend their ongoing projects which help kids overcome the opiate problem in Mauritius by providing kids with an alternative outlet to drugs which is supported by the VIPS.

Tribute was paid to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama the 9 and the newly appointed King Rama the 10 as candles were lit with incense followed by the national anthem of Thailand and the national anthem of Mauritius.

The newly appointed Khrus assisted in the ceremony awarding certificates to their students and congratulating them on all the hard work they have done to pass the exam.

The proud students were called up one by one to receive their certificates and then engaged in a group shot commemorating the event.

IFMA would like to thank the Mauritius muaythai federation for making the seminar such a success and the reward of course is to see the many smiling faces. Kudos to you all!