Many dignitaries traveled to Korea to speak at the World Martial Arts conference, and many of the speakers also had close ties with muaythai. The governor of Jincheon Lee Si-Jong opened the conference with warm regards to the delegates around the world and the first speaker was Mervin Tan, the General Secretary of FAMA, IFMA EB member, and Chair of IFMA Legal Commission. Mr. Tan is also an advisor on legal matter for AIMS. Mr. Tan spoke on good governance and ethics as part of the IOC Agenda 2020, how important it is to give back to society through sport, and encouraged all participants to invest in the youth.The second speaker was Caroline Tresise representing UNESCO which has partnership with ICM, and certainly IFMA also has MoU with UNESCO. Caroline made a very detailed and impressive presentation on using the power of sport towards the social change.

The third speaker was Ms. Maya Amro in capacity as Social Responsibility Unit also coordinating social activities for the upcoming Sport Accord Festival in Bangkok. Ms. Amro spoke on contribution of martial arts into the youth development around the world. Ms. Amro was also voted to be the executive of WMC.

The last speaker was GAISF Vice President and AIMS President Mr. Stephan Fox on criteria of becoming GAISF member. Mr. Fox also in details spoke on the social responsibilities and duties of recognised international sport federation, and using the power of sport towards the better tomorrow.