A two day gathering took place in Malaysia organised by the Malaysian National Olympic Committee and the national Ministry of Youth and Sports. His Excellency, Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin the Minister for Youth and Sports, addressed all the athletes, for them to work sincerely and enthusiastically to represent Malaysia, their families, their sport and most importantly, themselves. Muaythai or Muay, as it is referred to in some South East Asian areas, is included in the SEA Games. His Excellency Mr Jamaluddin congratulated Dato Shahnaz Azmi, the President of the Malaysian Muaythai Federation and Vice President of FAMA, for Muaythai and IFMA’s recognition by the IOC. This recognition is undoubtedly attributed to all the hard work IFMA has done and is a testimony to the credibility of Muaythai and IFMA  as a recognised world sport federation.