Over 70 countries have already arrived for the first weigh-in at the 2019 IFMA Muaythai World Championship.

Safety is priority at IFMA and the pre-weigh-in and medical check up. All athletes must have health certificates via their national sport authorities including blood tests and then enter the comprehensive check-up procedures and visual exam by the IFMA medical commission made up of ring doctors from around the world.

Only if all the paperwork is in order and the full medical check-up is done, the athletes will top the scale to ensure that s/he is on weight and in the right weigh division.

IFMA believes in all aspects in preparing optimally for competition. Including, distractions and unique circumstances surrounding most competition events. This is why IFMA’s preparation starts long before the event in leading up to the competition.

This is why we also ensure that there is a swift transport from the airport to the athletes’ hotel as many of them have traveled far across continents.

Certainly fair play plays and important part this is why in and out of competition testing will be performed.

Thumbs must go up to the IFMA Athletes to work closely with the medical, the administration, the IFMA anti-doping policy and NADA.

The athletes must continue to be center of all our work.