Lebanon may be a country small in size but definitely not in heart. Lebanese Muaythai federation under the auspices of Sami Kiblawi who is also IFMA Executive Board member is one of the oldest Muaythai members in the region and produced many world-class athletes. Who can forget little Ramadan Ondash who stole the hearts of everyone at the Youth Championships?

To celebrate the success and the outstanding achievement His Excellency the President of the Republic of Lebanon General Michel Aun invited the Lebanese Muaythai Federation and the athletes to the government house to congratulate Lebanon for becoming the overall champion in the 6th Arab Muaythai Championships and also for Muaythai to become an IOC recognised sport.

His Excellency congratulated President Kiblawi for his outstanding work and encouraged the athletes to continue to show sportsmanship to one another in the world and to represent the country in honour regardless of defeat or victory.

For the delight of all little Ramadan displayed Wai Kru and showed his immense Muaythai talent.