Konstantinos Sarkiris is one of the athletes who is building the future of the Greek muaythai as being only 19 years he took the central stage in the 57 kg division of U23 division in Bangkok. Konstantinos won the gold medal but also showed amazing spirit towards his victories. 

It was a true test for Konstantinos at the semi-final bout as he faced Teerawat Choochanud from Thailand. In a very close bout the victory was given the the Greek who moved to the final against Uzbekistan.
It was the final bout which was a decider of the Rising Star Award as both athletes demonstrated an elite muaythai in the U23 divison. Konstantinos was a split second faster and an inch more accurate to secure the victory and come back home as one of the IFMA most promising athlete.

Congratulations Konstantinos and this award is duly yours!