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The Integrity in Sport National Workshop was held in Bangkok today by IOC in conjunction with Interpol with a focus on global capacity building and Training. The workshop was headed by IOC Integrity Manager, Ms Ingrid Beutler, Interpol Integrity in Sport, Project Manager Ms. Daniela Giuffré and Interpol Integrity in Sport, Training Officer Mr. Dieter Braekeveld, who delivered and facilitated informative and insightful discussions on Competition Manipulation, Integrity risks, Legislation and Regulation to Protect the Integrity of Sport, Combatting Competition Manipulation and Establishing Good Governance.

The workshop commenced with opening remarks from IOC member Dr. Nat Indrapana and Commander of Foreign Affairs Division and Head of Interpol Thailand, Pol. Maj. Gen Apichat Suriboonya. IFMA Secretary General and AIMS President Stephan Fox delivered an in-depth key note on “Muaythai’s Approach to Protecting it’s Integrity”, which was well received by delegates from the Royal Thai Govt and Sport Ministries and other governing bodies.

IOC and Interpol Workshop Delegates and Dignitaries in Bangkok
IOC and Interpol Workshop Delegates and Dignitaries in Bangkok

IFMA President, Dr Tapsuwan stated that, “ We are proud that IFMA and Muaythai, which is fully recognized by the IOC, can be upheld as an example for other sports in areas of integrity, we continue to work tirelessly to protect our athletes, who are at the centre of our sport and we look forward to cooperate with the IOC and Interpol to develop sport and society at large.”