Since the iGLA education system was introduced at the beginning of the year many countries have begun to utilise and feel the benefits of the online system. Hungary is the latest country to begin teaching from the iGLA syllabus and have just done their first grading ceremony where all 32 successful students aged from 10 to 40 years old received their certificates. This was the 1st Khan ceremony in Hungary with the second one set for August and was conducted by Károly Dudok the President of the Hungarian Muaythai Federation and Tamas Bata the General Secretary.

iGLA utilises the Muaythai Animation Education System (IMAES) an online system which aids practitioners in teaching Muaythai from online videos. The system was developed over a 24-month period and uses state of the art technology to allow students to log in from home and continue their studies towards excellence.

The IFMA education system and the highest ranked masters in Muaythai all contributed together with many experts and the input of UN Women and UNESCO to make the new education system a valuable tool in the development of Muaythai practitioners and the art and combat sport in general.

The WMC and IFMA certified iGLA system has been welcomed by the National Federations which sent instructors to gain further knowledge in the system especially on the administrative side so now students are able to measure their individual progress as well as receive certificates. This system allows the teacher to know the level of the students which is highly beneficial if a student moves to another gym or overseas as other iGLA gyms will know what level they are at and can continue teaching accordingly.

President of the Hungarian Muaythai Federation Károly Dudok stated that education is important in the development of Muaythai and as we now live in the technology age we must adapt to integrate our teachings with computer technology. One of the best features of the iGLA system is the online videos which students and instructors can watch and follow to hone their skills.

From everyone at IFMA we would to congratulate all students for successfully passing their first Khan grading and we look forward to watching your progress.