The last few months have been very busy for the iGLA team as the education system continues to go from strength to strength. The system is now up and running in over 50 countries with national grading seminars being conducted week in week out under the guidance of iGLA recognised Khrus.Poland was one of the first federations to get on board with the system and is a very active country with over 30 iGLA Khrus teaching from the online system. They have conducted many national level seminars recently with Ajarn Sawaeng visiting on several occasions to instruct.

The Mexican Federation has a very hands on approach running regular grading seminars in conjunction with the Sport is Your Gang campaign which teaches muaythai to the youth as a deterrent to them joining gangs.Greece is one of the leading forces for iGLA having hosted many international seminars and grading their kids from the grass roots level. There are plans for another big seminar to take place at the end of June which will not only include national Khrus but also Khrus from surrounding European countries.

The iGLA system is the only official education system recognised by the United Arab Emirates for muaythai and has been incorporated into their strategic plan to broaden the base as well as spread the art of muaythai to all corners of the country. The seminar they held in April was a massive success with over 60 students receiving their Khan 1 and Khan 2 certificates.

The Asian Championships, Macau in December held a very fruitful seminar with around 50 participants successfully becoming Khrus. Participants from Hong Kong, India, Macau, Nepal, China and Chinese Taipei were in attendance.Qatar offers the iGLA education system as part of their grass roots development programme and gender equality campaigns helping boost kids confidence and tackle social problems.

Following the success of the previous 3 months iGLA now has around 10 seminars planned before the end of the year and will continue to promote Muaythai for Everybody as the global standard.