0305 IFMA WC Belarus Press Conference Charissa Stephan General Yury Kazaev

The famous Minsk Concert-Hall was the venue for the press conference for the Ministry for Tourism and Sport, the Belarus Muaythai Federation and IFMA.

Chairman of the Belarus Muaythai Federation General Yury Kazaev opened the conference expressing his pride that IFMA have given trust to Belarus in hosting this historic championships as for the first time IFMA organizes a championships as an IOC-recognised international federation.

He gave a detailed report on all the activities played over the next ten days in and off the field of play. And said that Belarus welcomes the world of muaythai with open arms and hearts. IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox thanked the Belarus government especially the ministry of Tourism and Sport, and the National Federation.

IFMA and Belarus Muaythai Federation press conference
IFMA and Belarus Muaythai Federation press conference

Mr Fox thanked both the government and the federation for all their hard work in the build-up to this exciting event. Mr Fox also outlined the social programmes planned especially the Conference which will be held in cooperation with the NOC of Belarus at their beautiful premises . This is co-organised with IFMA’s partner organization UNESCO.

IFMA Sports Director Charissa Tynan spoke on behalf of all the athletes, saying how much she appreciated the warm hospitality of the Belarus people and the location of the stadium and hotels which give them great training opportunities.

Earlier in the day Alexandar Baraulya from the Belarus Sports Ministry inspected the stadium with Mr Fox , to their mutual satisfaction.  Eleven athletes qualify from this event for The World Games 2017!

Alexandar Baraulyn, Belarus Sports Ministry inspects the Championships venue.
Alexandar Baraulyn, Belarus Sports Ministry inspects the Championships venue.

The event has received large media attention in Belarus so far across traditional and online media. Fans of muaythai can watch the Opening Ceremony and the Finals on telecast during primetime on National TV.

During the 12 days of competition, a telecast will show three hours of action. And the entire event can be followed from the IFMA live stream (links will be posted on this website and on the IFMA Facebook page).

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