IFMA is proud to be fully compliant with the WADA anti-doping code, and fair play is one of the five pillars on which IFMA stans. Fair Play must be ensured on all levels and the protection of the clean athlete is key.

Dr. Erdogan Aydin, chair of the IFMA Medical Commission stated that the key of all including health and safety of the athletes lies in the education, therefore, IFMA once again organised a day workshop for all the elite athletes coming together at the IFMA world championships.
IFMA President Dr. Tapsuwan opened the workshops and welcomed all delegates while IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox outlined all responsibilities of every stakeholder and member of the IFMA family. That also includes the athletes in winning the fair way.

IFMA Vice President Sue Glassey talked about IFMA’s long journey towards gender equality and was pleased to announce that this year’s wold championships marked an important milestone for IFMA, having equal participation in the men’s and women’s elite level categories and achieving true gender equity.


The Chair of the Athletes Commission Janice Lyn addressed athletes reminding IFMA Executives on their responsibilities and athletes on theirs, and stressed that close cooperation is the key to success as one leads the other.

IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan gave an informative presentation on the Therapeutic Use Exemption and the responsibilities and rights of the athlete. Additionally, educational print materials have been given out to all participants sourced from WADA’s educational resources. IFMA will continue to observe its responsibility towards the education of all athletes and stakeholders, and the fact that in the last two years IFMA had a clean bill at all Olympic recognised events shows the fruits of both the intelligence testing initiatives established in 2016 and the conferences ensuring that offenders are taken out of the race early as well as educating all stakeholders to understand their rights but also the consequences of doping offences.