Muay Talay tournament truly becomes an integral part of each Youth World Muaythai Championships and medals for the Muaythai On Water are treated with the importance of the main competition.
This year the amazing swimming pool of the Kervansaray hotel turned into the field of play for the 5th Muay Talay competition and saw more than 100 participants registering with many arriving to Antalya to only take part in the beach side of Muaythai.
This year the tournament saw divisions across age and weight. The Technical Delegate of the event Mr. Dato Shahnaz Azmi said that the rules have been updated and now fully set for Muay Talay to have official status of IFMA event. The growing popularity of this discipline lets youth see all the side Muaythai and enjoy the game not only in the ring.
IFMA Director Ms. Charissa Tynan said that comparing to last year this event became at least two times bigger as athletes already anticipate their appearance in the Muay Talay competition. For the youth which didn’t win it is another chance to compete and be part of the world’s biggest youth Muaythai event.
For next year’s Youth World Muaythai Championships in Malaysia the Muay Talay is already included in the official programme and participants can register for the tournament and enjoy IFMA competition in so many ways.