The International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA), the Muaythai international body, which couple of days ago united under one organisation amateurs and professionals took the next step in drive to the gender equality and safeguarding of the Muaythai family members.  IFMA believes that everyone has a role to play in championing gender equality and in taking action to ensure that all people – regardless of their gender, age and religion – can succeed in the sport of Muaythai.

With this in mind, on 25th of July IFMA Executive Committee has reviewed its Gender Equality and Safeguarding Policies with immediate effect reminding the National Federations to follow the intension of international Muaythai body in mainstreaming gender equality within its daily operation and frameworks. Both Policies were reviewed internally observing the specifics of Muaythai sports and based on the principles expressed in the international declarations and policies together with the Olympic Charter. They also include recommendations in the field of Policies’ implementation phase from experts of IFMA Female Commission, which changed its title to “IFMA Gender Equality Commission” following the proposal of the International Federation’s Executive Board.

“These two Policies define commitments of the IFMA to support a safe and enjoyable environment throughout IFMA events and daily operation of the international federation, that safeguard welfare of athletes and IFMA family members from any kind of discrimination, harassment and abuse. For us Gender Equality refers to the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of all gender identifications including; women, men, girls and boys, and equal power to shape their own lives and contribute to society. In order to provide a strategic approach in mainstreaming equality, IFMA institutionalized it on the new IFMA logo now representing male and female athletes. Safeguarding for us refers to all of the actions IFMA takes to keep all children and vulnerable groups we come into contact with are safe. Safeguarding encompasses the prevention of any kind of abuse of children or young people by employees and other persons whom the federation is responsible for. It is also important to take in to consideration the modern reality, where we have more than 2 genders and over a hundred gender identifications society”, – says Stephan Fox, IFMA Secretary General.

Policies will take an immediate effect with 2 years term until reviewing or amendment.