Group_ThaiThe IFMA president Dr. Tapsuwan, the Sport Director, Mrs. Tynan and the General Secretary Mr. Fox, took the opportunity to usher the Thai Delegation on a walk through the SportAccord Convention in Denmark.
Thailand which has proudly won the bid for the 2018 SportAccord Convention, wanted to meet all the other exhibitors at their many booths that included Olympic Committees, International Federations and other host cities, many of which will come to Bangkok next year to be part of the Convention.


There were certainly many fun moments, especially when the President of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) Mr. Vasiliy Shestakov and CEO Michal Buchel welcomed Mr Fox in his capacity as AIMS President and the Thai Sport and Tourism Minister at their booth, giving them the official Sambo uniform. It was also a great opportunity to discuss the 120 years diplomatic relationship between Thailand and Russia as later in the year, special events are planned both in Moscow and Bangkok where both sports, Muaythai and Sambo will join to celebrate cultural and sporting exchange.