The Muaythai Day festivities were the perfect occasion to hold the first 2019 IFMA Ad-Hoc Management Committee Executive meeting in Bangkok. The important meeting was held at the Sport Authority of Thailand, hosted by the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage.

A total of 40 different agenda points have been addressed with key points the 2019 event calendar, the qualification system to the 2021 World Games, approval of four new member federations and IFMA’s continued fight to protect clean athletes with the cooperation of ITA and compliance with WADA.

Also, many presentations were made from upcoming professional Muaythai leagues within the framework of WMC and IFMA, and IFMA also again made its strong stance to the Royal Thai Government in terms of child fighting in Thailand and IFMA’s strong opposition to it. The 2019 financial budget was approved and a disciplinary committee meeting took place to address certain internal issues. The advanced IFMA education programme was approved and the IFMA representative of the Athletes Commission Janice Lyn gave a detailed report and recommendations.