Muaythai has truly distinguishes itself with its gender ratio among athletes, officials and representation of both genders in the board. 

The World Championships 2018 in Mexico made history with equal number of female and male athletes registering for the event. The modern Muaythai has truly gained popularity among women who start their journey from fitness and later receiving medals at the international tournaments.

This impressive development was enforced in Chungju at 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships as IFMA Director Ms. Charissa Tynan joined the Women’s Commission of the World Marital Arts Committee to share IFMA experience in building strong presence of women in sport. It is another recognition for Muaythai in the world of sport. Ms. Tynan will now work with three other commission members: Ms. Lisa Lents, Ms. Mi Jung KIM and Ms. Kwi Soon PARK.

In her social media Ms. Tynan said that she is honoured to be part of the commission and will be happy to work towards gender balance in sport which Muaythai is proud to have achieved.

IFMA Female Commission Chair Ms. Sue Glassey is the one to give credit for the great work leading to this achievement, and it was her passion and vision to let women of all backgrounds compete in IFMA event and include them in Muaythai as officials, speakers, commission members to build their career beyond competition.