The Annual General Meeting 2019 was a historical moment for 7 national federations who were approved as IFMA provisional members.  The meeting took place in Bangkok where Muaythai family has grown with National Muaythai Federations from Palestine, Colombia, Honduras, Nepal, Uruguay, North Macedonia, Kosovo were now officially added as IFMA members.

It was a proud moment for the coach from Palestine Ahmad Abu Dukhan to be the voice of all coaches at the opening ceremony as he declared the Coaches’ Oath which marked their first event as an IFMA national federation. A truly inspiring moment for the entire Palestinian muaythai.

The Colombian Muaythai Federation led by its President Mr. David Gonzalez has truly deserved to make IFMA family. Their social engagement and adoption of Sport Is Your Gang campaign became inspiration for the entire world and the Best Social Initiative award was the deserved confirmation of all the work Muaythai community have done.

The leader of the Nepalese Muaythai Federation Mr. Sudeep Pandit Sutree has gone a long way to see the day when his athletes officially represent their country at IFMA events. It was a combined effort of the National Olympic Committee of Nepal and the Nepalese Muaythai to let all athletes celebrate the inclusion of their country in the official members of IFMA.

The World Championships in Mexico made Muaythai the number one sport in almost all countries of the American continent and another South American country Uruguay put its mark on the IFMA map at the General Assembly in Bangkok. It was a true success of the President of the Pan American Muaythai Federation Ms. Elisa Salinas who brought muaythai elite to Mexico and the fruits of her efforts are now visible with two members from South America approved as IFMA members. Mr. Marcos Pereira, the President of the Uruguay Muaythai will now be preparing his team for the Suth American Championships as an official IFMA member.

It was a emotional moment for the President of the North Macedonian Federation Mr. Dejan Mitrovski who said that it has been a long way they made to see this day. Today is a special day for so many athletes, youth and adult who will now be able to proudly walk under their national flag at the opening ceremonies.

The President of the Kosovo Muaythai Mr. Shpejtim Ahmetaj said that this achievement is a result of hard work of all muaythai gyms in Kosovo, the anti doping policies, of course work on developing muaythai among men and women. Cooperation with the Kosovo NOC was a strong support for Muaythai as the fact that the NOC President visited IFMA booth at the SportAccord Convention in Australia was a true highlight which gave us confidence that Muaythai in Kosovo has a strong potential.

IFMA is proud to broaden the geography of its members and let athletes from the entire world represent their flag at the athletes parades and ceremonies.