As the World Muaythai Championships 2019 concluded in Bangkok participating athletes took their flights back to their home countries bringing the awards and medals from Bangkok. Each participant of 102 participating countries was an ambassador of their national muaytahi to Thailand and truly so many of them showed than muaythai became a universal sport with medals travelling to each continent. 

The best team of the championships Russia had champions from many regions and governors, mayors and minstries awarded them special governmental tokens of appreciations and medals given for the achievements promoting the country internationally.

So many TV and radio shows featured athletes all over the world announcing the victories of their citizens in Bangkok. Warm reception right from the airport by numerous fans turned the winners into national heroes.

It is now the turn of the youth to follow their senior team members in Antalya. This will be a beginning of a athletes’ careers for some and for the others last youth event before transitioning to the world of the elite muaythai.