There is only one Olympic Capital in the world, it is the City of Lausanne. Muaythai was recognised by the International Olympic Committee in 2016, as the sole organisation for the art and sport of muaythai under the Five Rings.

IFMA is the governing body for Muaythai and muaythai has been included in many Olympic recognised multi-sport games, is a proud member of GAISF, FISU, IWGA; has signed collaborative MoUs with organisations such as Peace & Sport, UNESCO and UNWomen.

The IFMA Executive decided that the time had come to inaugurate a branch office together with the European Continental federation the EMF, in the city of Lausanne.

There is no better place than the Maison Du Sport International (MSI), the centre of international sport, home to some 50+ international federations and organisations including SportAccord, WADA, GAISF, ASOIF.

IFMA opened the office in style with a special reception which welcomed leading personalities such as GAISF Senior Vice President Raffaele Chiulli, CEO of SportAccord Mr. Nis Hatt, FISU President Oleg Matytsin, FISU CEO Eric Saintrond, CEO of UTS Julia Govinden, CEO and President of Elite TV Mr. Toli Markis, Seth Fishman, AIMS Executive Secretary Panida Ottesen IFMA’s partner, the President of ICU Jeff Webb and so many more.

The EMF was represented by its executive board members Rafal Szlachta, Hasan Yildiz and Nadir Allouache. The Swiss Muaythai delegation was present in full force led by Olivier Muller, and certainly the IFMA International Office led by its Director Charissa Tynan. There were so many guests on hand to celebrate the opening among friends in sport and GAISF Vice President and IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox made a toast to the power of sport and noted that IFMA was proud to have an official home in Lausanne.