The Youth Muaythai World Championships concluded with an award night which revealed new names in the youth elite. The event truly showed that Muaythai is now a universal sport with medals travelling to each continent.

The personal awards traveled to Ukraine, USA, Australia, Moldova, Malaysia, Netherlands and many other countries. Youth athletes demonstrated a very adult level of skills, will power and sportsmanship to make this event a very special tournament. IFMA congratulates the winners in the nominations of Best Male and Female athlete across the age divisions and looking forward to seeing their performance in Malaysia.

Outstanding Male Athlete (under 14)
Nikita Zakharchenko (Ukraine)

Outstanding Male Athlete (over 14)
Fiodor Cazanji (Moldova)

Outstanding Female Athlete (under 14)
Charlia Hodgson (AUS)

Outstanding Female Athlete (over 14)
Nicole Fernandez (USA)

Male Rising Star (under 14)
Yunus Emre Isildak (Turkey)

Male Rising Star (over 14)
Mohd Rifdean (Malaysia)

Female Rising Star (under 14)
Quinty An Klein Gotink (Netherlands)

Female Rising Star (over 14)
Maya Kalesh (Lebanon)

Best Wai Kru (under 14)
Heman Monhkhindee (Thailand)

Best Wai Kru (over 14)
Elene Lolajze (Georgia)


Best Muay Boran Team (under 14)

Czech Republic


Best Muay Boran Team (under 14)



Best Team