Over 6 days of competition at the European Muaythai Championships 2019 athletes gave top level performances with many emotional moments, bright victories and sensational results. With every victory, athletes contributed to their team standing in the event ranking.

Team Russia achieved a tremendous team effort winning 11 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze medals and was announced the Best Team of the tournament. A boost in popularity of Muaythai in Russia among females truly added to the medal tally with 6 gold medals claimed in the women’s divisions.
The home team Belarus followed with 5 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze and Ukraine took the third place with 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.


Best Male Athlete award went to Belarus and was given to the new generation of the Belarus champions with Mikalai Sviadomski becoming the face of this change. On his way to gold Mikalai won the last year European Champion Quentin Alhamdou (FRA) bringing the French camp to silence as Quentin was one of the hopes for the gold. In the semi final another IFMA champion and medalist Vladyslav Mykytas (UKR) could not find ways in the defense Mikalai’s defense.

Leaving behind IFMA champions Mikalai was a favourite in the final against Mikel Fernandez Cia (ESP). In a very close bout and a draw after two rounds Mikalai gathered last reserves and supported by the home crowd pulled the victory from the Spaniard. Gold medal and the Best Male Athlete award were a deserved reward for Mikalai’s bright performance in Minsk.


Svetlana Vinnikova became a symbol of the female age in Russian Muaythai as she was awarded the Best Female Athlete Award. Svetlana again proved her champion’s ambitions in the final with Maria Valent. These two outstanding athletes offer top performances to the spectators every time they appear in the ring. For Svetlana it was an important moment after she joined the team recovering from an injury. The World Championships in Bangkok must have been the hardest event for her as she had to take a role of spectator and entourage.

Excellence is one of the pillars of Muaythai and every tournament IFMA athletes prove that excellence is not a destination, it is a way.

Congratulations to all the winners in Minsk!