IFMA achieves another important milestone with the launch of the IFMA website on the domain. Starting from today will re-direct to the current IFMA website, and vice versa.

This is history in the making and is reserved for members within the Olympic family. The .sport Internet extension is by the world recognised sports community. In 2012, the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), then known as SportAccord, applied to operate the .sport Internet extension on behalf of the worldwide recognised sport community, and is accessible only to the recognised sports and federations.

As well as an opportunity to digitally rebrand, the use of .sport enhances each organisation’s visibility, searchability and credibility. Because of the stringent criteria laid out by GAISF, only leading and recognised organisations will gain approval and membership to the .sport community.

In the following weeks, all the IFMA Member National Federations will be granted by IFMA, access to the relevant third-level domain i.e.,, etc.

IFMA also owns the lexical domain names in 30+ languages as part of our portfolio i.e. mуайтай.sport, Μουάι Τάι.sport, Thajský, موای تای.sport etc.

For more information on the .sport initiative, please visit :