Vital Hurkou facing Vasil Sorokin at the final bout of the World Games 2017

Amazing news for spectators came from Belarus and Ukraine which confirmed the finalists of the World Games 2017 Vital Hurkou and Vasil Sorokin for the World Championships 2018. 

Both athletes showed amazing skills in Wroclaw with Vital winning gold and Vasil showing amazing skills lacking little to have two gold medals in 2017. For Vasil it was a surprise call as he had to step in for the injured teammate in the competition in Poland and step up one weight division from 71 to 75. It was a tremendous effort from Vasil and coaches to prepare him for the tournament which resulted in silver medal.

Vital Hurkou was out of the competition in his home World Championships in the quarter-final against a Portuguese Diogo Calado and this year he will want to prove his level for his fans and followers. In Minsk he gave a stunning show to the crowd but a World Championships is always a special event to win for every athlete.

The world will see so many bouts in Mexico which will be a true decoration of the event, a bout between Vasil and Vital will be definitely one of them.

Bonus fact: Vasil Sorokin won the Russian Champion Ivan Grigoriev at the World Games 2017 in the semi-final whereas Ivan won gold at the World Championships 2017 in Minsk.