Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson celebrating the third consecutive gold medal of the World Muaythai Championships

Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson continue to show amazing results with both taking their third gold medal at the world championships this year.
Alena Leshkevch (Belarus) at 45 kg had a busy division at the World Championships in Cancun with one bout per day facing extremely strong representatives of the leading Muaythai countries – Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam and host nation Mexico.

Sofia Olofsson (Sweden) also had a very difficult draw in the 54kg division clashing with Portuguese star Maria Lobo in a very close bout, the Thai national champion and also the Mexican champion on her way to gold.

Both athletes take their champions’ image far beyond the field of play actively engaging in the social projects in their countries and internationally.

Alena Leshkevich is a true ambassador in Belarus motivating youth to be the best version of themselves as part of the Sport Is Your Gang campaign. Sofia shone at the SportAccord Convention after she won the IWGA Athlete of The Year award last year, and is a strong advocate for women in sport, involved in many campaigns locally.
Both athletes are true role models for young Muaythai athletes showing excellence is not a destination but a journey. The European Championships in Prague in July will be another opportunity for the world to watch them in action and of course for the athletes in their weight division to have a rematch!

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