Thank you to all stakeholders! 2016 has been another important year for IFMA and muaythai as a recognisable and credible member in the world of sport and the Olympic movement.

We have achieved so much, the recognition of the IOC was the culmination of over 20 years work promoting, fostering the traditions that muaythai and the Olympic values, grass roots development, universality, gender equity, education in anti-doping and becoming a WADA signatory, good governance on all levels, having a code of ethics compliant with the principles of the IOC code of ethics, proper rules and procedures in our fight against manipulation of competitions, establishing a universal education programme, partnerships with UNESCO and UNWomen, promoting our art and sport in active society (Muaythai for Every Body) in which discrimination of any kind has no place, promoting fair play and solidarity, establishing policies and guidelines for sustainability… and the list goes on and on.

We must continue to build on this important foundation; we must use the power of muaythai and sport to create a positive change in the world which so desperately is in need for cultural understanding and peace.

Our athletes are the living example that cultural dialogue through sporting exchange is possible. Muaythai is based on the five important pillars, of which “Respect” is one. Respecting and understanding our differences, muaythai and IFMA does not allow discrimination of any kind. In muaythai we drink the same water, live together under the same roof, use the same training facilities, show as much grace in defeat as in victory. Giving back will continue to play an important part in our sport, not just in the holiday season, but all year round.

Being an IOC recognised International Federation brings with it serious responsibility. Gender equality is not just a word. IFMA lives and breathes it, where male and female work side by side, where athletes become ambassadors.

IFMA is looking forward to a continued effort with all our important partners which recognise us and of which we are proudly part of; the IOC, SportAccord, IWGA, FISU, TAFISA, UNESCO, UNWomen, Peace & Sport and all the others, working hand in hand for a better tomorrow.

The IFMA Executive sends their best wishes for the Holiday Season and we are looking forward to playing our part.