An epic battle between Brandon Spain AUS and Channachai Thailand ends with a show of friendship and sharing with Boris the Wombat!

Today the young athletes competed in three rings for the opening rounds of the IFMA Youth Championships in Bangkok.

Some large teams were in action including Australia, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine as well as Thailand of course. But some victories went to smaller teams like Israel with Daniel Doroshenko taking the win at 57kg.

In the 38kg girls, Australia’s Skylah Jade Hamill beat Phipada Wuttichai Thailand in a tough bout for the both athletes – Australia taking the win to huge cheers from the travelling crowd.

Ungueran from Moldova had a good win in the 48kg division, beating Brasileiro a Diego from Brazil in an exciting bout. But in the 48kg division Emre Yilmaz from Turkey scored an upset putting Micheas Essenwanger from Peru, defending world champion from last year out in a tense bout.

Belarus had a good day at the office, with Pavel Sadouski taking a win against Soloman Mohammad from South Africa  – the South African boy fought hard with great hand and long-range kicks but lost out in the grapple.

Pavel Sadouski from Belarus marches onto the next round

Filypp Bacgynskyi from Ukraine defeated his Thai opponent, joining two of his team-mates in a successful afternoon for the team – echoing the success of their The World Games team last week in Poland.

Joe Ryan from the United Kingdom won an exciting bout against Turkey in the 12-13 age division at 54kg; he was delighted afterwards to know he’s getting back into the ring again.

The Australian team took their mascot Boris the Wombat into the ring with them many times, even when losing in a sign of friendship and wishing to share their culture in some lovely moments as did Brandon Spain at 63.5kg against Thailand’s Chanchai (even if some of their opponents were more than a little  bemused by this huge animal appearing in the ring – he’s not real).

Torrie Armstrong AUS waits for the result with Thailand’s Chumphunut Maneephao

And the evening bouts saw some great battles with Estonia’s Andres Oitsar winning against Holland’s Max Thuring at 75kg in the 16-17 division.

Tomorrow will see more excitement as the three rings are in action again during the day. Bouts are held outside under the shelter for three huge marquees with giant fans cooling everyone done. There are also plenty of cases filled with ice and drinks like water and juice.

As the National Stadium is in downtown Bangkok, there is easy access for the crowds to the bouts and many fight-fans turned up on the day. The VIP stage was kept busy with IFMA federation heads, and Thai dignitaries enjoying the sight of their national sport being so popular globally.


The Daily Programme for tomorrow can be read here. Bouts start at 14:00.

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Tomorrow there will be 192 bouts across the three rings again, please find the Daily Programme here for 06/08.