While may be many other sports work hard to breach the gender gap, in Muaythai, the female competitors have taken centre stage. In the next seven days, many events will take place around the world. Stockholm will see the next 2 female athletes, Sofia Olofsson from Sweden, the 2 time IFMA world champion who received the highest honour in getting the Queen’s Trophy in Thailand last year will see the rematch against the Asian and Thai Champion Parita Padpho. 

Beautiful Tarragona in Spain will see an already sold out event in which the best female fighters from around the world including Spain, England, Holland, France, Portugal, Lithuania and Russia competing against the Pan-American team.


Sue Glassey, IFMA Vice President and chair of the IFMA Female Commission said,

“While in other male dominated sports many females compete in empty arenas, in Muaythai, the arenas are packed to the rafters. This is a testimony of developmental we do work on and off the field of play. Off the field, 2 continental federations and 9 national federations have female presidents. This is undoubtedly also a testimony of the cooperation of their male counterparts in doing their part in the female popularization and equality on all levels.”