A joint  meeting took place between the European Muaythai Federation executive and the IFMA International Office Bangkok today during the European Muaythai Championships.

IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox thanked the EMF for the invitation and congratulated them on behalf of IFMA president Dr Tapsuwan on all the outstanding achievements. And the development of muaythai in Europe.

A special thank you was given to the president of the Czech Muaythai Federation Petr Ottrich for hosting the 2018 EMF European championships as part of the Harley Davidson 115 anniversary.

Mr Fox reported on behalf of the IFMA executive on the IFMA Strategic Plan to continued excellence and further recognition within the Olympic family. IFMA director Charissa Tynan gave a detailed report on all upcoming IFMA events. She made special reference to the two happening in the next four weeks – the FISU muaythai world university championships first, followed by the IFMA flagship event the Youth World Championships.

Ms Tynan stated that IFMA is proud to be a member of FISU and that this event will showcase IFMA’s continued efforts towards the policy of healthy mind and healthy body. This is to ensure that IFMA will continue towards a balanced approach to education and sport.

She further reported this year’s IFMA Youth World Championships will be the largest in numbers and participation  – and that in Bangkok the host for 2019 and 2020 will be announced with some surprises for the young heroes.

The EMF executive reported to IFMA on all up-coming events in Europe, and that Europe and EMF will continue to be one of the leading if not the leading continental federation.

The new joint EMF – IFMA headquarters will be opened next month.

(Photographs: Ukraine Muaythai Federation)

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