Turkey is a country with Muaythai ranked one of the most popular sports on par with many Olympic sports, and the EMF Antalya Open had been a living example how Turkey can celebrate Muaythai in all its diversity.

26 National Federations brought their teams to Antalya to test the venue of the upcoming Youth World Championships 2019 which takes place from 28th September to 6 October, and some amazing bouts took place over four rings with IFMA renowned champions demonstrating their excellent skills and young athletes taking valuable lessons from their famous competitors.

The 10,000 seater arena accommodated more than 1000 participants from 26 countries. The stadium gave all the participants a true feeling of a grand sport event with its immense size and electrifying atmosphere.

The four days of competition saw emotional support from spectators, highest demonstration of sportsmanship, sensational results, close decisions and action-packed fights with the Turkish team winning the overall Best Team award.

Antalya proved that they indeed are up to the challenge, are able to host events of the highest calibre and is going to be an amazing venue for the 2019 Youth World Championships.