Split will be the host city for the 2016 IFMA European Championships which will also serve as the European Qualifier for the 2017 World Games which are scheduled to be held in Wroclaw Poland in July next year.

Over 400 athletes from 40 countries will participate in the event, showing the importance the World Games has on the IFMA calendar as one of the most prestigious multi-sport games.

Gold medalists in eight male divisions (54,67,63.5,67,71,75,81,91 KG) and 3 female divisions (51,54,60 KG) will join the already qualified athletes from the 2015 Royal World Cup and 2016 IFMA World Championships to enter the final pool of 88 athletes competing at the 2017 World Games where there will be a total of 11 divisions each with 8 athletes each.